punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I passed!

So, now I am Network+ certified. Hooray! :)

This is the first CompTIA exam I have taken. Most know them by their A+ certification (which I plan to get next year), but now they have a lot more. I have to say, our Chief Network guy at works said, "Oh, you'd pass without studying," and I thought, "he doesn't know how dumb I am."

Well... he was right. I sweated hard core on AES encryption algorithms, Frame Relay speeds for X.25, STS SONET levels, all the codes for NBTSTAT, and Active Domain SACLs/DACLS and when I took the exam, I got mostly question like this:
89. A user calls and says when he logs into the VPN, he gets a "Bad username or password for this domain." What is the most likely problem?

a. His router does not have DHCP enabled
b. He has misspelled the username or password
c. He has RAID0, needs to upgrade to RAID1
d. The VPN needs to be rebooted

Users will tell you "d" but I was wise to that!

I would say 50% of what I studied for wasn't even asked, which was a good thing because I was having trouble memorizing all the stuff I didn't know (too many speed and protocol numbers and command line switches for stuff I never use). I was also bummed that the Network+ was very Windows specific. Sure, they tossed in a bone with one or two Linux or Mac questions, but they were all so generic. Like a Windows questions might be:

"A user has trouble logging into a Workgroup domain from one server but not another. He gets 'Permission denied' when logging in, and his desktop will not load. No one else has problems on that server. What would you look for in Active Directory to find the problem?"

And a Linux one:

"What port does SMTP run on a Linux server?"

And a Mac one

"List ways to convince Mac users to convert to Windows because Apple is dumb. Trust me."

Okay, I made that last one up. But there's no Mac love in Network+
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