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Halloween 2008

OH NOES!!1! HUEG SPIDAR!So the day started out nice. A little chilly, but it did warm up.

Early in the morning, I took my Network+ exam, which I totally dominated. I was shocked a little how simple it was compared to how my study materials made it seem. They gave me 90 minutes to complete the thing, and I was done in 30. Even with checking and re-checking my answers. But I covered that.

I still had to work from home when I was done, so I did that the rest of the morning and afternoon. During lunch, I filled the goodie bags.

Around 4:30, takayla and I started setting up the house to look like a graveyard. Then she dressed up as a cat, which was really cool. At about 6, the first kids showed up. I got three kids in two batches and then didn't get kids for another hour. Anya and Brian showed up in adorable costumes: Brian was a broom, Anya was a cat, and their Chihuahua was a small witch. Very creative, and I applaud them for surprising me with that. I didn't wear a costume because I was lame :(.

stodgycat and cheesy_reads showed up with their three younger kids (aksident was at a football game with friends), and they took Spike and Keiran with them while we got to hang out with Scarlet. Scarlet was very helpful in making glow bracelets and handing out candy. I forgot how much energy a ten year old has, and it's infectious. I need to hang out with kids more often.

Chantilly High had a huge game of some kind. GOD they were loud. The high school is half a mile away, through houses and trees, yet the announcer was so loud, we could hear everything he was saying, all through halftime. They played some obnoxious generic techno Disney and I guess they had dancers for half time. Scarlet was shocked and annoyed about it all. On the other side of our house, somewhere in the distance, they had a HUGE fireworks event. It was far enough away we couldn't see it, but the booms and pops echoed through the neighborhood. So... what a night!

Around 8:30, I started getting paged like crazy. Yes, I was on call. The long of the short was a major redundant system went down because it was migrated to a new server, and they didn't update any of the applications to reflect the new location. And since Windows servers have the worst logging system imaginable for a major operating system, it took a few hours to narrow down the problems and nail the bugs. In the end, I had to edit the registry of a database server, which was not fun.

Everyone left me. But I did get some food brought back to me from Red Robin, so it wasn't all bad. ;-)

Some of my friends did some "work" last night, as the times require, and I hooked into that a little. Thanks for your help guys! You're right, I suspect this will be a good year for many.

I took today aside to do some major house cleaning. Let's see how far that goes... :)
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