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Stuck at home

Last night, we tried to go shopping. What a disaster. Christine, CR, and Sara went out and barely made it back, even though the shopping center is literally right behind my house. Not only were they out of stuff, but the people there were rude and in panic mode. At least we got some stuff we needed, but our Saturn SC3 does not do well in ice and snow, it slides all over the place.

This morning, we tried to get out, but the ice was too much. We're hoping to make it out later so I can get to work. CR, Sara, and I spent a lot of yesterday shovelling out the car, and as predicted, I hurt my back. My back really, really hurts, but today it's better than yesterday, so I hope the healing trend continues.

Now that I don't have to worry about Katsucon, Evecon, or Castlecon anymore, I will spend a lot of that released time writing (which was my plan). While snowbound, I got to work on my newest work, "Between the Lines: The Life and Times of Tony Bumper," in which I wrote out a particlarily hard part of the last chapter. I have the first few chapters already written, some rough ideas about the middle, but I had to see where the end was going BEFORE I invested time in the middle. Already I am going to have to make some heavy changes in the first few chapters, but that's kind of how writing a book goes: you lay down the framework, adjust it so, and then write, re-write, and re-write some more until it's a smooth and polished piece ready for submission. I am still having trouble deciding on the market. If I go junior-adult, I have to clean it up a bit, which I don't really want to do. If I go fully adult, I may miss my adult target because it's about a bunch of teens. And I still won't know until I have most of it done.

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