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Voting today

So, our family decided to poll in the morning. takayla had to work in Baltimore today, and we were afraid we wouldn't make it back home in time before the polls closed. Plus, we thought the crowds would be worse in the evening. CR was with us this morning, which was WAY early for him since he does the closing shift at Starbucks. This was his first time voting.

The lines were fairly long, but the last few elections have wizened them up as far as line management goes. They still are run by people who look like they are in their 60s or older. Obviously volunteers, and God(s) bless them for it, but they are slow. The wait was about an hour and 20 minutes. It would have been MUCH SHORTER had our last names started with A-G or P-Z. Literally, those tables had only a handful of people in front of them, and they kept polling the lines, "A-G? Any A-G? How about P-Z? You sir? Okay, come with me..." Some people came right in and out with those last names. Alas, Larson is H-O, and if I was more with it I'd make a Thundercats or a model train joke, but I am brain dead. It's hard to believe over 80% of the people who showed up had last names that were H-O.

When I finally got to my check-in table, I was going to ask why they didn't split the alphabet better, but I saw they had hard coded forms that sorted the letters as such. My family were numbers 173-175 of the H-O checklist. Looking at the huge sheets of voter's names they had to go through, our stack was phone-book sized, and the other tables had stacks that were more like the LL Bean catalog in thickness. Unfair!

They gave you the option of paper ballots or electronic voting. I chose paper ballot because they had a lot of slots opened. There was a small (3-5 people) line waiting for the electronic booths, so I got voting done a lot faster than CR or takayla did. But I didn't have to wait more than a few minutes.

So that was voting.
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