punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I have no shame!

I was recently reminded of when I was a teenager, I had a few friends who had parents who refused to get them tampons, but insisted on making their daughters use pads. This was shortly after the big TSS debacle. "You'll get Toxic Shock Syndrome!! Auuugh!!" I didn't know of ANY girl who liked pads, so this was a terrible thing to have to switch to.

So my friends gave me money, and I got them because they were worried they'd get caught by a neighbor or a chatty cashier at Dart Drug or Giant. It was a little like buying beer for underage kids. When I did it for one friend, a few more asked me to do it once in a while, and I didn't mind. I even got condoms this way, and at one point, a pregnancy kit.

Only one cashier asked me why I came by once in a while with these purchases. Asked me "what I was doing with them." I mused this scenario with friends, going from "I get a lot of nosebleeds" to "I like how these brands marshmallows have strings on them" but I said, "I am getting them for my sister, she's not well and I was here anyway..." She said I was brave and a wonderful guy.


Yeah, I lied to a perfect stranger and still feel bad. But at least some of my friends could wear light colored clothing again.
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