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My old backup CD

So, stodgycat asked me what was on that old backup CD I found in a CD Drive that has been sitting in a box. Well, here's the contents.

  • KDE version 3.2 Beta 2. I now use GNOME a lot more because it's the default GUI on Redhat/Ubuntu. KDE also lost with Kwin vs Gnome+Compiz. KDE 4.x also needs to mature.
  • Install files for:

    • Net Vampire. We used to use this to download FTP files on a schedule.
    • Various RSS aggregators
    • Various Microsoft Agents animated help things, including my favorite, Peedy the Parrot
    • Some Text-to-speech programs. I think I wanted to have news read to me, although I vaguely recall working on a way for Microsoft agents to report errors through VB6 programs I was writing. I succeeded when a parrot told me that war dialers were crashing. Sadly, this turned out to be more annoying than useful.
    • A Stuffit extractor for Windows
    • An ISO creator/reader for Windows

  • Various images of gags and funny stuff I saw on the web.
  • Some MP3s from a group called "Nullsleep" and some remixes of The B52s
  • MP3 Background noise that made you computer sound like it was on a space station on a 14 second loop. I had another that made it sound like it was the bridge on Star Trek (OS)... where did that one go?
  • A series of GREAT films from Antony Searle about relativity
  • Large Quicktime trailer of "The Matrix: Revolutions." Still awesome.
  • A weird music video, "FC Kahuna - Hayling." The vocals on that video are done by Icelandic singer Hafdís Huld, who sings one of my favorite songs about having an overly-popular best friend, "It's Hard to Hang Out with Tomoko"
  • A creepy school film where a girl with Down's syndrome has periods and sanitary pads explained. Link is here, but I warn you... the film will leave you feeling very disturbed.
  • A letter to Microsoft Training about how bad our last instructor was for VB.Net class. He didn't know VB.Net (but did know C#, and told us they were the same thing), debugged his own code on the overhead and often forgot about us, didn't have a legal or correct copy of Visual Studio on him (but had an old beta version that was broken), and attempted to fraternize with the students, slamming Microsoft and AOL. MS refunded our money and gave us a proper instructor for free.
  • Backups of my website.
  • An IM session with some people where I discuss making an AIM Bot for wardialing. I ended up getting code, which I then fixed and assembled my own AIM Bot. This turned out to be more annoying than Peedy the Parrot, and I dropped the project (imagine being forced to be in a chat room that would pop up an AIM window whenever anyone else talked). Later on, this code was stolen by that asshole manager at AOL, who claimed it as his own, and I called him on it in a meeting with some awesome passive aggressive stance on the benefits of Open Source. "See, your programmers took some code I had abandoned, made it better, and now it's in use! Open Source benefits everyone!" Hah. Asshole...
  • Some wardialer spreadsheets (numbers called, results, 6 month trend).
  • A few config backups, like some table dumps from MySQL databases, a few httpd.confs from webservers, and some of my code used to reboot wardialers through APC switches.
  • PDF manuals of some hardware, the HP Splash language, and a Katsucon 10 flier?
Tags: aol, computers, work
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