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I am exhausted

I finished up the cleanup of the side of the house. I got rid of about 12 bags of assorted sticks and garbage in total, finished the trimming, and put down "mulch" which was really shredded leaves and grass clippings. I do this to recycle, prevent weeds from growing there, and it's natural fertilizers for trees... which I guess is a problem because of that forsythia. I trimmed the forsythia back down to the nubs again, knowing it would all grow back in spring, but it looks nice for now and I am happy I finally got on top of that thing after neglecting it for many years.

Man, thanks again, ironkite for your reciprocating saw. Some of the fat trunks you cut down back there still have that blue dye from the blade, and I kind of like that (and the door is doing great)!

But in order to make that "mulch," I had to rake both yards and mow the grass. Luckily, it's cold out, so I didn't overheat, and the high humidity kept the dust down somewhat so my asthma didn't kick in until the very end. I timed it well.

I'll probably have to rake again, even though my trees are done shedding their leaves for the most part, because, you know, leaf litter blows around neighborhoods.

Speaking of which, I am glad I finally got rid of all that garbage that those stupid teens leave on the side of our house. I filled most of a large trash bag with their crap. They seems to favor Pabst Blue Ribbon in large cans, Sprite, Starbucks coffee, and Styrofoam takeout from the Lebanese place in our shopping center. At least half the time, they bag their trash in the takeout bag, but I wish they'd take it with them instead of stuffing in in the corner by my fence and blocking the gutter spout. Given the state of decay of most of it, I don't think they have come but this year, and I hope the problem is over. And I am glad I never find cigarette butts anymore, cause those things are hard to get out of the yard, and it seems more of a fire hazard if they were smoking back there.

Despite the cold and damp, a lot of people were out in their yards today. I am kind of jealous of those families with several kids, because I have to do this crap all by myself. If I had help, my lawn would look totally awesome, but I can't afford to hire anyone, so it always looks a little neglected. There were also families who had hired ... possibly questionable help of a legal residence nature... and they have awesome looking lawns. If I wasn't so paranoid about being caught by the INS, I'd grab a few from Home Depot myself.
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