punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

So, I turned 40 on Friday, I had a party on Saturday.

The party was awesome, and there are pictures of it here taken with takayla's camera by gyspy_sylvin. I had a great time! I think we topped off at 35 people.

I want to thank takayla for all her hard work, from planning, to coordinating, to writing the whole murder mystery. I love you VERY much! I want to thank a lot of my guests who helped out, including tth, Chris R, and Chris... another last name (you know, MSD)... who worked the kitchen. I'd like to thank ironkite for working on my back with the same skill as he did on my door. Thanks to those that stayed behind and helped clean up, too. That helped so much, I hate waking up at noon the next day and having to clean up alone.

I Twittered during most of it. The costumes were awesome. stodgycat went through like 3 costume changes.

I... can't thank you all enough for coming. Really. I am truly blessed with the best friends anyone could ever ask for.
Tags: birthday, party
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