punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Your project for today: Corrupt-a-wish

I am sick and need cheering up. I stole this idea from Ars Technica, but who cares. Make me feel better by corrupting a wish of the last commenter in this blog entry, like a killer GM who gives you a mean genie. Then post your own wish. Example:

Commenter1: I wish for world peace.
Commenter2: Then you get peas in a tornado. I wish for crispy, hot bacon.
Commenter3: Sadly, it's Kevin Bacon. I wish to be on an island of hot naked cheerleaders.
Commenter4: The island is an active volcano, and the girls are hot because they are on fire. I wish for one million dollars.
Commenter5: You get it in $1 annual installments, and die at the $40 mark. ...

And so on. I'll start:

I wish for a huge chocolate cake.
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