punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

More retail discoveries

So I am sick, at home, and can't sleep because Widget spent about 45 minutes continuously barking. At first I thought it was at someone outside, like the neighbors hired some people to work on their house or lawn. In many cases like these, the workers will use our lawn to put all their equipment or have lunch, and my dogs go crazy. But no, I have no idea what he was barking at. I finally tried locking him up in various places, like Ahfu's dog crate or a bathroom, but he continued to bark anyway. He barks no matter where you put him, he's in bed with me howling right now like a dwarf coyote.

Cable is out. There's a notice on every channel that states it's doing an upgrade, and service would be restored momentarily. I decided to put on my headphones and listen to music, but takayla took my jacket with the headphone in them, so I can't do that. I tried to read.

The book I am reading is "Pretending You Care," by Norm Feuti. It's about retail hell. I commented on this book earlier, but not by name. Norm seems like the kind of guy who probably would complain on a camping trip about the bugs, cold, rain, mud, and everything went wrong with his gear. Some of it is very funny, but there are a lot of underlying passages I want to go, "Man... really. How often did that happen? What a victim-like mentality... sheesh..."

But one of the "customer types" he points out is "The Displacer." When I worked at Crown Books, I used to despise the displacers. These are the people who pick up an item in your store, say a book on Swiss Travel, and put it back when they are done with it, say in the Kid's section. "Put it back anywhere, Marge," George Carlin once said in a bit about shopping, "they got guys with purple fingers who put that stuff back at night. Put the tuna salad in with the bacon bits, they don't care."

But one interesting thing I found about their kids. MOST children, when they run up with some book to their parents and beg them to buy it and get told "no, put it back," would put it back reasonably in the SAME place they picked it up from. But there were displacers with kid who would say, "No," and take it from them, putting it back wherever they were. Usually on the top shelf to keep it out of the kid's reach. Norm calls these people, "Spawn of the Displacers," which sounds like a D&D module.

One thing Norm DOES get right, is the phrase, "The customer is always right." This doesn't mean they are factually correct, it just means you TREAT them as if they are right. People often misuse that phrase, and the employee is left thinking that you have some unrealistic view of being on the floor.

Ah man, Widget, stop barking!
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