punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

What can you say?

Last night, a friend of ours called to say he thought his marriage was over. He married another friend of ours, and told me his side of the story, and I hope to hear from her now. I listened to him sob for about an hour, with the frantic "what am I going to do" tone I have had in my own voice so many times before when I lost a loved one. Ms. "A," if you are out there, please drop me a line... we love both of you, really.

Then... my online journal and 3WA pal, Laurie, died of cancer this morning at 5:30am EST. She's survived by her mother Mary, and daughter Rachel. This was not sudden, but it sucks all the same. I left her a small passage in a goodbye thread about her, telling her she's earned a haunting with a good, old-fashioned "Boooooooo!"

And all I keep hearing about is how we're going to war. And to be ready for enemy attack. It's like living during a constant, good old-fashioned, "duck and cover" Cuban Missle Crisis.

And there is more snow predicted. Christine is still sick, and going to the doctor today. I haven't had my blood pressure and migraine meds in over a week because of Katsucon, then the snow, then Christine's sickness, and so on and so on. I am getting headaches, murmurs, hot flashes, and all kinds of fun.

On top of this, all I keep hearing is doom doom doom about my company and the new management and blah and blah and blah and more doom blah. Please don't stop by my office unless you have work for me, okay? I can't change how the upper management works, I can't force things to go one way or another. To make things worse, hackers busted into our database last week, and all *I* ever heard about it was from Slashdot. Funny how CNN never said anything...

I am so numb. What the hell is going on? Can I get off this ride before I puke?

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