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My fingers are always a mess. I have weak and brittle nails, and my cuticles are always in such a state that I use the nail clippers to trim them far more than I trim my nails.

I am clumsy, and one of the biggest "dyspraxia" symptoms I have is that if I move my hands without looking at them, I sort of don't know where they are. Thus, often my fingers get smashed in drawers, doorways, and on the edges of things. I have lived with this all my life, but it makes my fingers scarred and bruised a lot.

On my right middle finger, there was a teeny tiny scar that wasn't going away on the edge of the cuticle. Unlike most scabs, this one sort of hung around and wouldn't flake off. So the other day, after my shower, I decided to see what was going on. I found that the scab was a tiny small lump, and I had noticed the tip of my finger was a little stiff, but when the tip or your middle finger is slightly stiff... okay, when mine is... I sort of just say in my head, "yet another weird ailment, this isn't hindering anything, move on." Until last week, I didn't put the two things together because the annoyance was rather minor.

I used the nail clippers to dig at the scab to see how far it went...

... and pulled out a thorn about 3/4 inch long.

That's when I remembered I was working on that damn thorn tree a few weeks ago. I had the equivalent of a 3/4" sewing needle in my finger for I don't know how many weeks. Thankfully, when I pulled it out, it came out in one long piece followed by a lot of white stuff, and now my finger looks back to normal.

I am stunned I lived with it in my finger for that long, and it didn't get horribly infected or otherwise hinder my daily activities.

Man, that's one bad-ass tree back there...
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