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No free toys for me

When I grew up, my parents didn't buy sugared cereals because "they are bad for you." So I grew up to Shredded Wheat, Grape Nuts, Cheerios, and Wheaties. No sugar was on the breakfast table, and pouring milk in your cereal was considered "a waste of milk." Since I wasn't allowed to watch any TV besides PBS when I was young, I wasn't subject to the media blitz of "Chocolate Coated Sugar Bombs" as was my peers. This also explains why I never grew up to Kool-Aid, Soda, butter, and salt. Sugar, salt, and butter were not *banned* from my house, per se; for instance, we had cookies and crackers. But it was just heavily discouraged.

The rare times I was allowed to stay at someone's house, my mom called ahead and said I wasn't allowed to eat sugared cereal, and she'd send me with a sandwich baggie of "approved" cereal if requested. This was one of the MANY reasons I didn't sleep over much.

When I was about 12, I did some research and found Cheerios and Wheaties had sugar in them, and pointed this out in a moment of pure stupidity (the plan was to try and get Kix on our table, but this backfired). Guess what cereals I now had left until I left home?

I stopped eating breakfast around this time as well. I was *well* aware of other cereals my friends had growing up and the concept of toys and such, but sadly, to this day, all I can stomach for sugared cereal in the morning is Fruit Loops (thanks to my wife, who weaned me up to them).
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