punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Request: Any costumers out there willing to make me one?

I need a period Viking Costume.

No, not some armor with a horned helmet. I need something that is historically accurate for semi-noble garb of the height of the Viking period from about 1000-1200 AD. I am looking on the Internet for some patterns, and while I could fire up the sewing machine and attempt to gore some fabric of my own via tunic and keyhole, I'd rather have someone with professional experience make this for me who knows how to do fitting and has worked with period costumes (and knows their pitfalls and idiosyncrasies). Plus this would be a good employment opportunity for someone I know.

I'd need it by the end of April 2009. This is for a wedding I am attending.

I'll pay for fabric and labor. Any takers?
Tags: costume, viking, wedding
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