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More snow... no cable

It's like a foot of snow again. Winter storm warning until noon. Last night, I watched it come down and pile all over the bags of trash I have on my deck. The trash is there because due to the weather, trash pickup has been sporadic at best. You never know how much trash your house generates until there hasn't been trash picked up in a week or so. Of course, that party we had last weekend generated a lot of trash on its own, so it looks worse because of two bags of Styrofoam plates and cups. I can't go to work because the car's get get onto the street. More work missed. I called their "Weather hotline," and they are open today, which is insane. The whole city's shut down again: schools, malls, government offices...

But not Cox Cable. We got this info in the mail that said, "Digital Cable is coming to YOUR neighborhood about... oh, NOW!" Of course, it came in a large blank envelope marked "Urgent - Open immediately," so we thought it was one of the MANY credit card applications we get. Turns out that it was a warning: if you don't upgrade to digital, we're cutting you off. I guess I'd be more upset if I didn't want digital, but we'd be trapped here with no cable. So...

... we had the install guy here on Friday. The schools close, but the cable guys shows up. Cox is eager to get our business. So eager, they can't seem to hire anyone who is either competent or speaks English comprehensibly. And all of them fuck up our cable each time. This one fucked up our cable modem, left the doors open all the time, letting in cold air and one of our cats in the attic, and when he parked in front of our house, he blocked the only plowed lane our road had at the time (he literally stopped his van right in the middle of the road for the four hours he was at our house). He wasn't a bad person, really, he was obviously trying very hard, but his skill set was very limited. For instance, one of his primary methods for trying to fix something was to turn it on and off over and over, as if the fifth time he turned the cable box on and off, it would work where the first four times had failed (it will probably surprise no one that this method didn't work). The last set of guys we had to install the cable modem drilled holes into our walls to string wires through them, and after he did that, his mates informed him that was wrong. After her drilled the holes. In our walls. We still have the holes. Plus, ever since they started working in our area over a year ago, many channels don't come in very well, they are all grainy and fuzzy. Cox told us that we had to upgrade to digital to remove that, and when we got digital on Friday, we were told it was the wiring in our house, which has been replaced repeatedly by people telling us that was the problem. Now we have only half the channels on our upstairs TV, grainy channels on our upstairs and downstairs TV, and our cable modem is out. Christine, the family strongarm, raised hell with Cox. They are sending someone over on Sunday because, again, we are told they have to replace the cable wiring in our house. I hope they send someone who knows more than I do on how this setup works, because the last few guys I had to tell them, "No... we're not buying a new TV..."

The only reason this diary was updated was thanks to AOL. As reliable as a phone.

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