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My latest brain droppings

  • 12:49 Is in Frostburg, MD today. Look out for slow moving glaciers... #
  • 13:56 I have yet to see a wooly mammoth. They promised me mammoths. #
  • 14:33 Wouldn't YOU want to see what "Peking Palace" looked like in Frostburg? Christine says no. Pizza Hut it is... #
  • 14:36 Frostburg Village is a pretty nice nursing home. Reminds me of Ågarden in Sweden. #
  • 20:45 On the way back from Frostburg. Helllloooo ... Frederick! #
  • 20:50 Gooooodbye Frederick! #
  • 23:26 is home, watching SNL in a bit. Tomorrow, Christmas decorating! #
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