punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

E.D.A.R. [Everyone Deserves A Roof]

I live and work near DC, and as I leave the Silver Spring Metro, I pass by a lot of homeless people since we have a "Progress Place" shelter about a block and a half from where I work. DC has a lot of these wanderers who camp out at night. I hate it when people call it "a homeless problem," because that always seems kind of like dividing by class. Not all of these people are a stereotype of the homeless as presented by the media. Sure, a lot of them are mentally and physically ill, without family and discarded by society, but the homeless are not all the same person with generically the same story. Some are homeless by choice, some are in between homes, and some just have no real plan. But the are our brothers and sisters in humanity, and deserve the same respect and kindness as everyone else.

This designer came up with a way to give these people shelters, and it's pretty cool.

Tags: homeless, shelter, video
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