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20 December 2008 @ 05:37 pm
House cleaning  
I have been cleaning house for Christmas and takayla's party today, and I am spent. I had to:

- Clean the kitchen top to bottom. I got the top, anyways. The floor needs mopped, but someone hid the Swiffer pads, which always look like maxi-pads to me anyway, so I giggle. Since I am the only one who cleans, I must have misplaced them, but I don't know where.
- Clean the downstairs rec room and bathroom. CR was supposed to do that, but he did one sweep and then tossed the dustpan littering out the sliding class door, missed the doorway partially, which caused a lot of it to fall back into the rec room, and he shut the door. He "cleaned the bathroom" by covering it with dirty wet towels.
- Decorate the house for Christmas. CR was supposed to help me, and he did do half the Christmas tree, but I had to string the lights, put on ornaments, tinsel, and take care of the rest of the decor in the house, which is a little scant due to lack of time. I wanted to do outdoor lights, but didn't have the time or energy.
- Wrap gifts. I got this done, and I didn't as crap a job wrapping as I normally do. I took extra time and slowness to do this, which wasted half an hour probably, but now my friends won't have crap in "gift bags" (well, Brain will, but I don't have his gift yet - it's late).
- Clean up the decor, which meant to put the stuff I didn't use in boxes, put 7-8 heavy boxes back in the attic, and then vacuum.
- Clean the deck. I swept the leaves off, and put the table out for sodas.
- Set up for the party. This was mostly accomplished by cleaning and cooking meatballs, but I am cooking hors d'oeuvres during the party for guests.

takayla and CR went to go see a play. I couldn't go, because I am on call for work, and I did get paged, so good think I didn't play hooky.

On top of that the police came by! Wheeeeee! They had a warrant for the former owner's dad (who lived here) for tax evasion and fraud. I told them he hadn't lived here for like 7 years, but they were pretty insistent on coming in. They wanted my ID, proof I had lived here and how long (I showed them some bank statements), and they searched the place. "They" were two cops and I think a sheriff (two men in blue, one in brown). I told them I still got mail for him from time to time, and I returned it "return to sender."

They were, to be honest, rather rude and insistent. They wanted to know who else lived here, and they really didn't like my dogs and insisted I keep them caged up while they were here. I detected they were trying to trip me up with trick questions, and they asked a lot of... odd questions like, "You going to have a party? Who else will be at this party?" and "You mind if we look in the attic? We gonna find anyone up there? Does anyone live there? Are we going to find anything up there we shouldn't find?" They asked about the guest room, and who else was living there. I told them someone was moving out, and they wanted to know who and what their address was. They focused on the guest room a lot. I think they were trying to see if my story was made up, and trip me up. "Your son works at Starbucks? He there now? can we talk to him? Oh he's seeing a play? What play? Where is it?" and so on. "Mind if we come back later?" they asked. Crap.

It was nerve wracking. I didn't do anything wrong and I was freaking out. They left me a card to contact someone at Loudon County Police if I hear from them. I feel like calling them up and complaining, but they'd probably come back and beat the crap out of me. That's how I felt.

This week has been awful.
Dave (aka Dr. ZRFQ)dr_zrfq on December 21st, 2008 01:44 am (UTC)
I suggest a letter of complaint *from your attorney on your behalf* to the PRFC Police and Sheriff's Departments and the Loudoun County Sheriff's Dept., with copies to your state delegate and state senator. If I knew of a way to make it a matter of public record that this person does not live at your address, and has not lived there since [insert date ou moved in here], and that any further attempts to contact this person should not be directed to your address, I would suggest that too.
Archangel Mychaelpraecorloth on December 21st, 2008 02:27 am (UTC)
"We have a warrant to arrest so-and-so."

"He doesn't live here."

"Well we have a warrant and would like to search your house."

"Does your warrant say you can search this address?"


"Let me see it."

I like to be helpful to police whenever I can. They make my neighborhood safer. But when they're dicks, treat them like dicks.
(Anonymous) on December 22nd, 2008 05:48 pm (UTC)
I would only let them in if I had too. Otherwise they can pound sand.