punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Stuck in Traffic and Cool Pals on Tractors

Today, we got stuck in traffic for almost TWO HOURS on a normal 20 minute drive to work. No idea why, because after a long stretch on West Ox road with little to no movement, we finally turned around in someone's driveway, back tracked back to Fairfax County Parkway, where we sat in traffic some more. I got in work super-late, and my wife missed an important meeting. I have nothing more to add than to just vent.

Thank goodness when I got to work, nothing horrible happened over the weekend. Mondays are usually the point where something that went haywire while we were all gone. But this Monday was a good one, and all that happened was some random network events and a reminder I needed to get off VB Win and start writing tools in perl.

My buddy Travis got to shovel snow with a Bobcat for ten hours. Here's a pic. He always gets to do cool stuff. My friend Bruce also has a HUGE tractor/loader, and went around shoveling people's driveways in the past few weeks (for free, because he's nice that way).

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