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A late review of the past week. Ho ho ho.

Due to financial issues, this has been a very low-key Christmas. While I have tried to figure out what happened, the basic answer is I was extended on my credit cards, and Citibank decide to lower my limit past my balance to the tune of almost $10,000 (so far, they did this in two drops since September). Plus I had some vet bills, had to get a whole new set of tires, and my furnace broke. This wiped out our savings. It's not going to improve any time soon, either, because I need to save $6500 for getting a new AC system by June.

But, luckily, we already had more Christmas decor than needed, so I was able to decorate the house, bake some cookies, and generally have a good Christmas morning. CR gave me some books, mysticpaws gave me a chocolate walrus, a person who wanted to remain anonymous but works at Dark Horse comics gave me some Emily the Strange soda, and I am still waiting for my Ars Secret Santa gift, which was delayed due to UPS hell (I just got an apology from the sender, and he's rectifying).

Due to some logistical issues, I pretty much ran Christmas alone this year, and I did a pretty good job. CR helped assemble the lower half of the tree and bring stuff down from the attic, but the rest was all me. I wish I had a Christmas wreath for the door, wish I got cards out, and I wish I got lights and decor showing from the outside. If I run Christmas again next year, I will have to plan that better. But I got the tree up, decorated, and got the house decorated. I wrapped gifts for everyone, gave them out on time (which was important since one couple was going the Germany, and another family to Virginia Beach for Christmas). I did a LOT of baking, but I did not get the creme brule French toast or Gingerbread cookies done. I also have ingredients for a second batch of chocolate chip cookies I never made, so I think I will make a experiment of white chocolate chips and dried cranberries instead of the milk chocolate/butterscotch chip combo I usually do.

This year, when I pack, I will try and sort things better. I have too much crap scattered across 7-8 unlabeled boxes.

On Friday, I got to work from home in lieu of a vacation. I got a lot of back burner stuff done, which reduced some stress.

On Saturday, I went to a Christmas party. Despite being off my BP meds for a week and having the kinds of headaches one gets when off their blood pressure medication, I had a very good time. We had a gift exchange, and I got a bottle of Vanilla Kahlua, which I gave to takayla since I don't drink.

Sunday, I was treated to a visit by thedreamymoon, who flew in from Berkley to hang out with family and friends over Christmas break. It was so good to see her.

It should be noted I only gained 5 pounds since my birthday. Not bad considering stress, the winter, SAD, and birthday/Thanksgiving/holiday food! In fact, I'd say despite a LOT of emotional distress, my SAD has been the least this year than in recent memory. I think it's the combo of the light box (which I have only used a few times) and change diet. I am still 35 lbs less than I was January. Woo hoo! Go me!
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