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So how was your Friday? I was in an ER

So Anya and Brian get back from being in Germany for a week. After sleeping off a lot of jet lag, they want to meet with us (takayla and I) for a late lunch, so we all go to the Red Robin. They proceed to tell us tales of castles, Roman baths, bars, stealing knick knacks, and the gestapo (as in WW2 Nazi, not US Customs). People in Germany love the fact we voted for Obama, but the way. takayla and I decided we're going with them next time because Anya's family would let us stay in a condo for free.

I get a phone call from CR, who actually charged his cell phone long enough to ask to speak to his mother. I hand her the phone, and he tells her that the headache he's had for the last three days has worsened started to evolve into a nosebleed. The pain, apparently, is incredible. The doctor's office didn't have any appointments free, and said he could top by Saturday which they stay open "for emergencies only." This wasn't good enough, so CR went to the emergency room.

I stayed with Anya and Brian, and we went to Starbucks waiting to hear the news. When it took too long to get CR back to the ER, we decided to accelerate things. Now keep in mind, CR was not exactly in some critical condition, so they were in the waiting room for a long time. Starbucks customers all asked about him, and if became apparent that CR is REALLY liked by employees and customers. So finally, ALL of us decided to go to the hospital, despite the fact takayla said I didn't need to, and it was chaos.

How we got tossed out of the ER Part 1And with chaos comes humor. By the time we got there, CR was taken back to room #23, so all three of us went back there. And got bored. When CR was little, I inflated a glove as a balloon for him. He was in the ER a lot for his asthma, so it became a kind of ritual. By now we were all a little silly. Soon, we became VERY silly. All of us were laughing, partially out of stress, then out of boredom. I was sent out of the room when CR got his IV for his pain meds because I just couldn't stop laughing and CR was laughing because I was.

This devolved into a kind of glove balloon badminton game. And graffiti on their whiteboards. And Anya started playing with the ear and eye light thingees. Brian later said it was the best time he had in an ER ever.

This all came handy in keeping CR's spirits up. He got tested, a CAT scan, and other tests. His blood pressure was *normal* (which was a surprise), his CAT scan came out clean, and after all the other blood tests, all they could figure was migraines. But they did want to call it a migraine from one event. But our family has a history of them, he responded immediately to migraine medicine, and so he has a followup with the doctor next week.

So that was Friday. :(
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