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I am not a painkiller kind of guy

Monday, I visited the dentist, and had my temp crown fitted with my permenant one for tooth #14 (if anyone wants to look at a dental chart). It doesn't fit quite right, but in all honesty, the right side of my mouth is missing a lot of the molars since that horrible accident back in 1996 anyway (and it would cost $6000 --yes, six THOUSAND-- to repair, and that's AFTER the insurance part), so it doesn't have anything to match height with, so minute adjustments might be more pain than they are worth.

Pain. Yes...

It hurt. Not in a "oh no, something's gone horribly wrong," hurt, but an "ow, this is normal, but still sucks," hurt. The process took maybe 20 minutes. I spent 15 in the waiting room, 5 in the chair. The doctor plucked my temp crown off, slapped my new one on, said it would hurt for a day or two. "The pain is because it's a tight fit, as it should be. The tissues will adapt, but it will be sore for a little while. Don't eat anything for a few hours." Then I walked home.

I took my last two Alieve, and it helped a little. I tried to eat comfort food, but it was hard to chew, since I only have that one side of the mouth to chew with. I ended up chewing with my tongue and the front parts of my teeth. Tuesday the pain was less, but when I accidentally bit down too hard, my whole jaw hurt. Last night I started to grind my teeth, and I have been unable to sleep very soundly.

I took Tylenol, which either keeps me up too late, or if I take it right before I go to sleep, it makes me groggy as hell in the morning. I am also sleeping on my back wrong, which isn't helping.

I don't know about you, but more than half the time, painkillers make things worse for me.
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