punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Verizon madcappery (?) part 2

So I got my new FiOS router. They did NOT send it to me to my work like I asked, but sent it to my house. [cue trombone music]. I guess that's okay, but when I opened the "Amazon.com-sized" box (really, that's a standard size to me), I found that the router was a newer, and sleeker model than the one I currently have. Or was. See, they shipped it with no padding, so the router was sliding around inside the box. The box seemed fine, but the router inside was scratched, and after I removed the clear plastic bag wrapped with a rubber band, it occurred to me that the bag was not scratched so this is most likely an formerly used router placed in a bag. I wonder if it will work?

Also inside were two cat5 cables. I am not sure why I needed those, but what the heck, I won't complain. Also, humorously, there's a wall template for the router, and a quick inspection showed this was a template for my OLD router. The new router has no way to attach it to the wall, as it is free-standing. My old router looks like a prototype Hayes modem from 1995.

I tried to make it work and it kept looking on finding DHCP and getting connected but never getting an IP. I suspect I have to have a tech on the line for this (maybe to tie it to the MAC?), but I don't have the time this weekend :(.
Tags: fios, techsupport, verizon
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