punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I am really haveing no phone carrier luck, am I?

I have Verizon woes, and now I have AT&T woes.

I had automatic billing of my phone to my Citibank card from AT&T, and suddenly, Citibank is rejecting the payment. Of course, AT&T lets this go for 2 months without telling me, and suddenly, I get a voice mail saying they are going to shut off my service two weeks ago. So I called Citibank, because while the balance on that card was high, there was enough to pay my bill with plenty to spare. They tell me AT&T never requested a charge, and something it wrong with their automatic payment.

Now this has happened before with Citibank. They just randomly shut off access to my card, and then allow it again with no explanation. I have been declined at gas pumps, but then accepted at a restaurant an hour later. When I call them, they tell me, "we have no record an attempt was ever made by that gas station." The fix has been to "remove the card and re-add it" again on whatever website I had it attached to. Eventually, when my bank offered a decent online bill paying system, I just converted all my payments to that. I kind of kept forgetting to do this with AT&T, but since they were getting paid, I didn't put it on my priority list.

I assumed when they sent me an online statement stating a payment would be made, and then I got a paper statement saying "this is not a bill," that maybe they would tell me "we haven't been able to get payment from your card," before they leave me nasty voice mail.

So I paid them from my online banking system on the 12th. And it's been nearly a week, and while my bank says, "we did an electronic transfer on the 15th, and it was accepted," AT&T is not reflecting that in my bill. I called a billing rep, and they said it was probably due to the holidays. Since it takes "3-5 days to process" any payment, including electronic payments, they wouldn't know if I paid them or not until Friday the 23rd because of the weekend, then MLK day, and the 20th being an Inaugural holiday.

Oh, whatever. :(

I made them promise not to shut off my phones, and they said they would extend it to the 23rd, but if they don't get any payment by then, they will shut them off.

Tags: at&t, bills, money
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