punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The most hard core thing you will see this morning.

Yes, there's video.


The 25-year-old was dragged in its wake by a fishing line after hurling chunks of bloodied steak to entice it towards them. Onlookers gathered in disbelief after spotting its 4ft dorsal fin emerging from the deep only yards away from the thrillseeker. But they were ''truly and utterly speechless'' after its colossal jaws clamped the meat in a frenzy and began swimming away. Clutching the fishing rod with both hands, the pro-surfer reached speeds of 30mph as the creature headed back out to sea.

I wonder if the shark was real, though? If this is real, wouldn't that be ironic if we saved the species because it became an extreme sport, and they all got fed by the surfers wanting a ride?
Tags: extreme sport, shark, surfer
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