punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

It's the weekend

It's Friday 2:43pm, and I am sitting at work with not much to do because anything I start I'll have no time to finish in the last hour. I am feeling slightly better mentally, partly because I am making headway with my OpenBSD project (geek... geek...), and partly because I know I have NOTHING planned for this weekend. Well, I do, but not anything that I can't slack off from.

I'd like to get my den set back in order. Right now, stuff is all over the place, and it looks so untidy I never want to spend time in there. My closet looks like it is vomiting technology into my den. I want to set up my extra machines that I have been fixing, and try to get them headless so I won't have to have a monitor on to run them (for power and heat considerations). Then put them in a place where they are out of the way, or at least look neat and tidy. And I want to clean off my work table, it's almost over a foot deep in junk.

One small rant: it seems that some people in fandom (who talk loudly in restaurants) think East Coast Science Fiction Conventions are better run than West Coast cons, and that the Japanese would hold a terrible Worldcon. [sigh...] Come on, man! We're all adults, here. Not all cons are like East Coast ones, sure! I'll agree to that. But that doesn't mean they are better or worse, just different. Viva La Difference! (or something)

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