punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Stalking Punkie's Thoughts

My latest brain droppings

  • 10:03 There is no honor in robbing the Slurpee vendors on this planet: punkwalrus.livejournal.com/925966.html #
  • 12:41 twitpic.com/1bsmb - Oooh! Crappy webcam (old Lego webcam) pic of me! #
  • 12:47 and here's a picture of the camera! twitpic.com/1bsp5 #
  • 12:48 twitpic.com/1bsp5 - Really, this is a Logitech Quickcam Web under the hood. Works under Linux quite well! :) #
  • 17:08 is dizzy as hell. I think I may have an ENTI pressing on my sinuses/ear canal. #
  • 20:03 for those medical researchers wondering if sushi clears dizziness, check off the "no" box in your survey of male Swedes aged 40. #
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