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Funny animated shorts plus... some more geekiness!

A few weeks ago, I saw the funniest animated short I had seen since Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (which has new episodes coming this month!). It was called The Venture Bros. and was a totally desrespectful jaunt that poked fun at Johnny Quest, the Hardy Boys, and 50s hygeine icons. Basically, it's like a Johnny Quest-like spoof, with two totally niave brothers who end up in some pretty perverted situations. The evil ninja villan was hysterical, because he only wanted the super weapon because he was sexually attracted to it. It's done by the same people who did, "The Tick, and I hope they have more episodes. Here's a clip, where Brock beats up and ... er, defiles a mummy.

Have an old Commedore 64 lying around? I used to, until my son poured toothpaste all over the keyboard. I still have an old Atari 1040ST, and have been dying to use it for something. I am not sure why, it's kind of this weird fetish I have to get really old systems doing modern things. I mean, I still have a dumb terminal and a 2400 baud modem! I can't bear to throw things away until they are TOTALLY useless. The problem is, you can't get these systems to do anything but play their old games... providing the disks still work! Well, now someone has gone and done it: they created an Multi-tasking Operating System for the C64 that even has TCP/IP and web browser capability.

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