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Katsucon highlights

I wont go into some play-by-play of this con, but I had FAR more fun at this con than I have had in any weekend in a very long time. Some stuff happened to me I can't go into detail on (yet), but it was like the Good Luck Fairy visited me pretty much every damn day. Here are some highlights:

Yeah, I didn't do Opening Ceremonies. I wasn't even invited. :( I visited the first hour of them, and I kind of liked what they did. Nick was very comfortable with the audience, there was a MUCH tighter media display with slides and stuff than I ever did. I can't really complain, although I had to leave early right when the game show started because I had to take an important phone call. I got a chuckle out of the goon with the megaphone telling people to come up front and cram in. You do that with a full house, dude, OC never pulls more than 200 people. Everyone in that audience would have laid down across several chairs, and there still would have been enough seating space. Luckily he caught on quick and stopped yelling at us. I liked the Indiana Jones opener a LOT. I always wanted to do a skit, but never got it together enough. So in the end, I feel I passed on the torch to people who did better than I did, and that's all I could ask for. I was VERY sad, I have to admit, being just an audience member, but felt I learned a lot form that perspective. I also missed the backstage antics with guests, Steve Bennett in particular. He's a riot.

Working the staff suite was cool. The work wasn't hard, and often I had to bug Moria or Louann for work. I did a lot of ice runs, stocked soda, and did a lot of cleaning when I could. Man, next year, I am going to try and sneak in a vacuum cleaner. The BEST part was the chats I had. Damn, there are some smart and wonderful people back there. I'd take them over Green Room guests any day. I got to shoot the shit with former Fantek/Katsu security, a Renn Fest worker, an EMT, lesbians getting married, play with a baby, and got to hang out a little with Morgan and Beth's kids who are totally awesome. ninjacooter got to visit.

I took a lot of phone calls at the con. Some of you know why. In an operation I call, "Operation see more Roller Derby" (I just call ORD), it was going well. VERY well. I can't say more in public, sadly, but I told many of you singly what was going on.

Speaking of Roller Derby, I may volunteer for them, probably their sales table or as a bruiser (guard). More on this later.

I got tapped to be emcee at a different Con's cosplay. The only thing stopping me is transportation and room, so I am "in negotiations."

joeanon and I are trying to start a new rumor: Pepsi is a new sponsor for erotic taxidermy. Motto: "Mountain Dew; Dead Animals."

I was also on call this con. I try VERY hard NOT to be on call at ANY con. It's not working out this year, as every con I am at I will be on call. Balticon, AMA, possibly Otakon... all weekends I am on call. Thankfully, work didn't page very much, and it turned out that the pages were because someone gave a customer admin access to a box they shouldn't have, but after reviewing this mistake, the person who did so was ordered to by a superior (head of sales), and what could they do? Luckily the only damage the customer did was reboot the box frequently (which is why I got paged each time), and accidentally delete his entire CVS repository (which I have just restored). [patronizing to a child voice] Some people are not given administrator access for a REASON.

I keep telling myself my pictures would come out better if I didn't use my iPhone for every one of them. But it's sooooo convenient because it's right there, and not added bulk like a camera. I did take some photos with my normal camera, but not as many as I should have. I did get some video, though. Some of Aural Vampire and some of the DJ Amiga Rave. I'll post those soon.

The only "bad" thing that happened to me was Saturday night, I lost a dental crown. I was chewing some Jujubees (yeah, not smart, I know), and the crown came right off. This was the worst part. But luck was with me, as I said, and it happened right in front of Anya, who is our family's best friend as well as our current dental hygienist. She told me what to do: save the crown, and show up to her office the second they open (7:15), and try and get an emergency appointment. I did just that, and they fit me in right away. The crown was undamaged, and the tooth was also fine. It turns out that the cement of this 5-year old crown had failed, and probably was failing for a while since some of the gum had grown back. The tooth was fine. In 15 minutes, the crown was back with new cement, and I was on my way. So... how bad could that be?

The rave was good, but next year I must remember NOT to have my staff lanyard on. It's hard to get into the rave when people ask you questions every few minutes, like, "Where do I volunteer?" or "Can I put this down and will you guard it?" or "We're out of water." or "My glowstick is stuck in someplace, guess where?" One person asked about my book, and wanted a rundown on why I wasn't in Opening Ceremonies. It didn't help I was wearing my KEI shirt, either. Next year, I'll get a regular lanyard, some glowsticks, tuck in my badge when I get through the door, and wear a shirt that suggests a form of anarchy might be preferable under the right impulsive conditions.

More as I think of them, photoset here:

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