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Some notes on "Security Blanket"

I have already gotten a few responses, and this looks good. Here are some notes, thoughts, and ideas:

I am curious whether to keep the Hal Clement jokes in. He's a private in-joke with this skit, because he was ALWAYS in some version of it. The joke is, he was this sweet older man, and the fact he got violent was the funny part, and he always liked being IN the skit (in fact, when Prune Bran did it, he was in the audience, and when asked what he thought about shooting Harlan, he replied, "Better him than me!"). But he passed away some years ago, and I am not sure how appropriate it is to keep him. I kinda want to keep him as an homage to the great guy he was, but I also wonder if it's worth keeping him as a primary joke because many young kids will go, "who?" But I want to keep the "sweet old guy goes violent" bit. Sadly, whomever I choose may also date the story. I may just make a fictional character

I don't have a good ending yet for the podcast version. In the original story, Ace went on an elevator to look for Tau, and is eaten by extra-dimensional aliens as junk food, in a circular reference to the junk food Alex was eating at the beginning of the story. In the onstage versions, Tau shows up on stage, and it's usually the emcee (like Bruce or myself). The ending needs to be a huge punchline, really. In Prune Bran, we used to bemoan the same things they do on SNL or Monty Python, "we can write a good skit, we just don't know how to end them." Monty Python weaseled out with Terry Gilliam links and just plain nonsensical endings, but for this skit, it has to be a good ironic twist of some kind.

I am going to expand this with a few more parts, tighten some of the dialogue, and add more callback/circular reference jokes. I will also solicit stories from YOU and other events from my memories (hint hint). For instance, I am missing the comedy gold that medical could offer me (hint hint). Ideal length of this should be 10-15 minutes.

I know those in medical staff who read this may notice right away I have medical codes wrong, like "Code Blue" being a water break. Yeah, well, I don't care. It's funnier my way. :)

How I envision this is that Alex and Ace will most likely be local actors for logistical reasons. The rest can record their voices and e-mail me the mp3s. The quality won't be that much an issue since you'll be filtered to sound like you are coming from walkie-talkies anyway. I'll mix the podcast with Audacity or something.

Some of you who have responded already, I have parts in my head I think are best for you, because I know your natural talents on voice and inflection. In many cases, especially with wwalkie-talkie parts, one actor may have more than one part. In some cases, I may not pick some of you, because life's unfair, and it was in NO way a personal slight. Feel free to present your case, though. I will do some of the voices (I like Iota), but in a skit like this, I'd rather have a pool of talent to draw from.
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