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Notes on "Security Blanket": background conversations

While thinking of the TYPES of stuff being said in the background, these mini-skits came up:

Male Voice 1: I disagree. In "My Neighbor Totoro," Miyazaki was trying to express the Oedipal conflicts of two abandoned girls. Their mother was in the hospital, their father had to work far away, so Satsuki had to take care of 4 year old Mei. Totoro was an allegorical illusion created by the basic needs of a blossoming young girl for a Prince Charming figure, hence "Prince of the Forest."
Male Voice 2: No no no. Totoro was a farcical figure designed to poke fun of a declining Japanese economy that borrowed on the older traditions of the previous generation with the needs of the next. The abandoned house was the future, and the sick mother in the hospital was obviously the new era where a male dominated society was unable to support the new role of women.
Female Voice: I am soooo not sleeping with either of you.
Male Voice 1: Awww! Not fair. We're smart.
Male Voice 2: Yeah, you should want your offspring to have big brains.
Female Voice: Yeah... good luck with that.


Voice 1: I don't know about you, but my costume is very authentic. I used the same pattern seen in the historical deconstruction of the very same dress Mary the Queen of Scots wore to her coronation.
Voice 2: Part of my gown is made from actual 18th century fabric reclaimed from a historical lot sale. The thread is made from the same Indian cotton grown in the same fields they used in 1720.
Voice 1: I forge my own needles from raw pig iron.
Voice 2: I retro-genetically modify sheep to make period wool.
Voice 1: I have a time machine.
Voice 2: ... ... You do not.


Voice 1: I am not saying it's ethical, but perhaps the reason the human race has been so miserable is lack of wooly mammoth meat.
Voice 2: So you want to clone a mammoth for food?
Voice 1: I bet it's a lot healthier red meat than from cows.
Voice 2: You know how much grazing a mammoth might need? Big methane footprint right there.
Voice 1: So we'll put them on the moon where methane footprints are not an issue.
Voice 2: There's no grazing land on the moon!
Voice 1: We'll hydroponically farm mammoth food, they can graze on that.
Voice 2: So you want to start a moon colony to raise mammoth food and mammoths for mammoth meat.
Voice 1: Moon-fed mammoth meat. The name practically sells itself.
Voice 2: Dude, I have smoked a LOT of pot today, and you're STILL not making any sense.


Voice 1: So they turned your idea down?
Voice 2: I am telling you, Frank Herbert's Dune saga needs to be made into anime.
Voice 1: I can't believe Funimation turned that down.
Voice 2: Nintendo said if I made Paul Atreides a young boy, and the worms fought one another for Fremen points, they'd tie it into a collectible card game.
Voice 1: You even had the pervy old guy angle with Shaddam the 4th.
Voice 2: I know, right? The Bene Gesserit would be in schoolgirl outfits.
Voice 1: Dune was MADE for anime, man.
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