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Office junk

So, many years ago, I had an office at AOL. I knew it was special when I had it, and I never took it for granted. At first, I shared it with stodgycat, but his work had him up in the wardialing lab so much, I pretty much had the office to myself. Then I got another office that was for a single person. I liked that, too. So for about 4 years, I had an office of some kind where I was alone.

Then AOL moved me to a 2-person office with 4 people in it, because they were in the middle of a move. Then I got a pod that was really a 3-wall affair, and my back was at the end of a major hallway. So anyone in the building in that hallway could see my monitor, and all sounds of that hallway echoed and funneled into my pod. It was really hard to get work done, so I started wearing a pair of over-the-ear headphones to mixed success. Then I got another pod that was newly built, but again, was a 3-wall kind of thing with my back to the opening. It's not that I think people are reading my mail over my shoulder, it's just kind of... irritating to have my back to traffic.

When I knew I was being put back into a pod, I got this "Cube Door" from their online site. It came 2 for $30, and stodgycat went halfsies on me to get one for his own office pod. Sadly, ever since then, I have been in 3-walled pods, which means there's nothing for the Cube Door to clip onto, so it still sits in my den, still in the bubble wrap it came shipped in back in 2004.

In addition to this, principia sent me this huge iMate monitor mirror which was exactly what I wanted, but work said no. Oh, monitor mirrors were allowed, just "not that big." This was for "security reasons," where I suspect "security" really was another word for "bullshit." AOL sold smaller mirrors called CHIMPs , which meant something like "Corner Hugging [something] Mirror [something]." They had the AOL logo on them and were sold in their gift shop, which was why "they were allowed." I still have it somewhere...

Where I work now, I don't even have 3 walls. I have one wall and one chest-high cubicle panel held up by friction. Until a few months ago, I had two walls held up by friction, but then I moved to a window so at least I can look out at lovely [cough] downtown Silver Spring. Sadly, I cannot use my iMate or CHIMP, because I have an LCD monitor with no ledge to stick it to. Plus, my back faces a sub-hallway, and not a real traffic prone area.

Maybe someday I'll get to use these things.
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