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Anya turns 29

Yesterday was busy. It started out with some Reiki practice where only 2/5 peole who said they would show up actually did: me and another student, who will most likely be a family friend eventually, and the SECOND person named Missy I know. Missy is very good at Reiki, and our teacher Eva has expressed relief in some ways that we are not difficult students like some she has had from time to time (particularly when it comes to doubt). Thus, she took us through a Sedona meditation exercise, which I enjoyed, but sadly, we only had a small time to actually practice after that. I wish we had more time, since apparently I am very inexperienced at the practitioner/client portion. Eva told me not to worry about it so much until Level II (which I start in April). I think she was a little pissed off that she planned for 5, and it was just Missy and myself there, so she was a little curt towards the end (but not to us), and I had to leave at noon so I didn't get to see Missy try out stuff on Eva.

After that, takayla and I went to Borders to get some wedding planning guides (she's considering going this as a side business), and we were in a book store with quite possibly the rudest and most negative customers for such and enclosed area. My god, people. When I was a manager of a book store, usually these sorts of people only crawled out of their caves during Christmas, so I am not sure what the deal was. So many people who looked like they didn't understand or care about book store employees slithered around and grumbled under their brows like they were there against their will. Maybe it was fumigation day at the senior retirement village.

After a few hours, we went out to hang out with Anya and her pals for cosmic bowling. First, we had a family dinner at the Amphoras in Herndon with Anya, Brian, takayla, CR, and me. We got one of the worst waiters I had ever seen in a while. First, he was late. He then refused to write down our orders, and proceeded to get 3/5 of them COMPLETELY wrong. He was dismissive and harried, saying, "sure, sure, sure" to every request, and then forgot about us. Finally, we had to get hold of the manager, and it also turned out the waiter forgot to split the check correctly as well, and we ended up getting most of the dinner for free (as in, the manager took them off both bills). We ended up being half an hour late to Cosmic bowling because of this, which is why Anya was late to her own party. Thank you, Brad and mysticpaws for holding our lanes until we got there.

Lots of people were there, but I got a migraine, and so I don't remember most if it. I do remember having a good time during the portions my brain didn't try and escape through my sinuses. Thanks to CR who got me a Mountain Dew and helped me through it.

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