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More Geekiness - Using Ports on OpenBSD Made Simple and Stupid

I have been having a lot of fun with OpenBSD and ports over the last few days. It's a FAR simpler way to install things, once you get to know what the hell you are doing. It's been so hard to find a "hold-your-hand" way to install ports and install simple stuff. I will attempt to do that here.

Q: How do I install the bash shell on OpenBSD?
A: It's simple, go grep ~8762lksoh/ :: noc:98qwnbd2o7nz and use the gate applet in the "tal_serv" group (assuming you have activated as a named service) and then do a "make" then "make build$SET_ENV_PACKAGE[$name_of_sysd.pref file]" to NOCperfs on the "geminii" and then grep noc-boop | tek fran ... you DID install tek fran with port 3.2 on the cascade array, right?

Okay, that was a joke. Bit it illustrates how frustrating these last few days have been. I am going to try and hand hold you through this BS. Let's say you installed OpenBSD, and now want the bash shell.

1. Get the ports package. You must be in root, preferably "su" or "sudo"

# ftp ftp.openbsd.org
# login in as "anonymous" and ignore the snarky comment the follows
ftp> password is an e-mail address. Any will do.
ftp> cd /pub/OpenBSD/3.2/ (assuming that 3.2 is your current build)
ftp> get ports.tar.gz

|#### [Download percentage. As of this date, it's about 6.5 MB in size. Wait.]
ftp> quit
# mv ports.tar.gz /usr

2. Now install it

# gunzip ports.tar.gz (wait)
# tar -xvf ports.tar

[A lot of stuff will scroll by for a few minutes]

3. Clean up your mess.

# rm ports.tar

4. Okay, now we're going to build it

# cd ports/shells/bash
# make

[A lot of silliness will appear on the screen... a lot. And it will keep going longer than I think is necessary for just bash, for God's sake. But it will stop after a few minutes]
# make install

[More stuff, only not nearly as long]

5. Now, assuming you didn't get errors, let's add this to our shell list. Edit /etc/shells with whatever editor you like, and add the path for /usr/local/bin/bash

Now you have installed the bash shell! Whoopee! Hrmmm... Punkie make BASH! Grrr...

Most other stuff will be as simple. I am told. Please don't e-mail me with some error you got, because I will just laugh and go, "I have *no* earthly clue! Poor bastard..." I successfully installed samba this way, too, and as I am typing this, I have waited for several hours to build KDE. Man, this is on a work machine, too, a 1.2 ghz box. I can't imagine how slow this would be on a P166. I am afraid.

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