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My latest brain droppings

  • 08:43 Is wearing warm socks given to him when Sara Taylor left for Berkeley. I miss Sara :( #
  • 11:39 The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience. #
  • 14:40 Because of spam, I don't enter contests because if I win, I wouldn't believe the email stating I was a winner. I'd just junk it w/o looking. #
  • 16:19 @taraariano how was it spelled? Like in pidgin English? "BlackBox Belongabeep?" #
  • 16:19 has a huge list of people he means to have lunch with. #
  • 16:23 Pizzeria takes their bad reviews from "Yelp!" and makes them into promo tee-shirts. Hah! tinyurl.com/d759ze #
  • 16:24 @missievondragon I was going to make a joke about your choice in dates, but you might come to my work and kick my ass. #
  • 16:47 I wonder if I can get Girl Scout I know to sell cookies in my office. She'd have to take off school but she'd make a killing. #
  • 18:54 West Virginia tries to make over its image. The fact my wife was from there wasn't enough? tinyurl.com/aqe2tb #
  • 20:09 @apeyanne ... must resist... gluten-free joke... not... kosher... #
  • 20:13 While my Christmas decorations are down, they haven't been put away. "Whattia waitin' for, Christmas?" - Duke Nukem #
  • 22:27 is fixing a Linux box called "Riachu." Seagate hard drive went bad. Color me surprised... in invisible ink. #
  • 22:28 is fixing a Linux box called "Toshiuki." It's gluten free, @apeyanne! #
  • 22:31 @apeyanne here goes... you got "Atomic Fart" for the iPhone b/c you're that kind of gal? It's the gluten-free diet that makes you fart, hon. #
  • 22:32 has probably just been uninvited to a Greek wedding. #
  • 22:33 is on a steel horse I ride. #
  • 22:43 ... Poseidon look at meeee-oooo... #
  • 22:53 is sick and tired of dependency hell with apt-get and going to bed. #
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