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  • 06:51 Did anyone visiting my house last weekend lose a pink ribbon Swiss Army knife? I found it in my couch. #
  • 07:24 @sockington The Baron was last seen at Tower Sisal Rope, discussing catnip trades. Treachery is afoot... Or apaw. #
  • 08:29 @tracker_t Pikachu is one of many. #
  • 09:36 is cleaning up his work hard drive. Wow, I had useless crap from 2006 on here. #
  • 14:34 is babysitting kids tonight. Has DVDs lined up. #
  • 14:44 @Ginimon I am with you. I like well-written shows like ST:TNG after the 3rd season, Dr. Who, and such. Kinda dry currently. #
  • 17:06 @apeyanne like the hydra, if they cut off one annoying pop phenomena, two more will grow in it's place. Like the Sonny&Cher show, remember? #
  • 17:09 They rolled the rock away from the cave mouth that held back the crazy people. Right now they are taking the metro to CrazyTown. #
  • 17:13 CrazyTown tourists hate how slow the train is. What is happening in CrazyTown that has you in such a hurry? #
  • 17:16 The prime minister of CrazyTown has just passed an issue to the floor: his pants is ITCHY!! #
  • 17:55 is blessed to have known the people I call friends. #
  • 18:06 It's a BROKEN ESCALATOR folks. They are now STAIRS. Stop staring at them like ducks trying to figure out a tesseract, and WALK UP THEM! #
  • 20:14 is watching UHF with young kids, passing on Weird Al to a new generation. Are you all not proud of me? :) #
  • 20:22 Things I hat to explain to under 10s: Rambo, Ghandi, UHF TV, kids TV clowns, Mr. Ed, and answering machines. [sigh] I feel outdated. #
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