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My latest brain droppings

  • 08:33 While my stomach still hurts, I can't miss another day of work. Then 66 is backed up and the Orange line was down. Not a good day so far :( #
  • 09:05 wishes he had a parrot. I'd get along with a nice macaw, but I respect them so much, I know I wouldn't give it the attention it needed. #
  • 14:15 @wilw I first read that as "Flash Gordon" drive and thought, "Flash, Flash, I LOVE YOU! But we only have 14gb to save the Earth!" [AAAaah!] #
  • 16:53 is still sick, wants nap, but I must be social tonight for relatives I never get to see from WAY out of town (like Europe). #
  • 17:10 Red line a mess; some kind of outage near Bethesda, trains on single track, boo hiss... #
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