punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Sick sick sick...

I have been sick for about a week, so I decided to see a doctor. I probably have sinusitis or rhinitis in addition to bronchitis. And thus is another ENT infection to add to my footnotes of my health. I have been put on Asmanex and Levaquin.

I have had a bacterial ENT infection every year of my life since I was about 12. Sometimes it's a sinus infection, other times bronchitis or strep throat. Once in a while, it's an ear infection, tonsils, or even as bad as pneumonia. In fact, I had pneumonia so many times, it's done permanent damage and I have been told that if I get it again, they may have to put me on oxygen. Luckily, I haven't had it for a few years, so go me.

It's a wonder that no one has removed my tonsils. I have had tonsillitis more than once, but the last time I had it, they said they "don't remove tonsils anymore until there's some terrible problem. It used to be the first thing we did, now they are rare."
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