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  • 10:23 Late night mail issue: slept in, but Metro is *crawling*with kids and families coming in. #
  • 10:24 Vienna station a sea of grass green uniforms and sashes: Girl Scouts day out, apparently. None selling cookies :( #
  • 11:57 is a getting a little tired of the Twitter Fail Whale. #
  • 12:03 Easter is coming to Sweden, too, so dress up like a witch and make a huge fire. Really. That's what we do. tinyurl.com/cplx3s #
  • 12:26 If you're Japanese, and wear big pineapple suits to avoid getting robbed in Sweden, well... sorry. tinyurl.com/dhhua2 #
  • 17:07 Tourists really are the stress test for Metro Rail interface design: #1 flaw is "SmartTrip Only" turnstyles. Major confusion cloggery there. #
  • 17:10 God forbid if a SmartTrip only turnstyle has a slot: tourists will stick a card in any crack; even between gaps between faceplates. #
  • 17:12 Tourist families often get "one farecard for all my children!" and wonder what went wrong. #
  • 17:54 Remember when you were a kid, and getting to STAND on a MOVING train was thrilling? Holding onto the poles like it's an amusement ride? #
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