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The see me mowin' they be hatin'...

Today is Easter. According to Catholics, if Jesus comes back and sees his shadow, we have another 2000 years of guilt.

They see me mowin', they be hatin'I spent most of today doing yard work. The day was so nice, I had to take advantage of this. The lawn was already getting tall in some places, and I still hadn't removed all the debris from when I gutted the lawn in front of the house. There was some major overgrowth, but I think I got most of it as only a little bit is growing back. I removed a lot of dead branches and brush, too. I yanked out some serious weeds, but it was more a ceremonial thing since the weeds grow back so quickly. I tilled the soil in the garden again, getting ready to plant tomato plants in a few weeks.

I am also taking advantage of the gutting of one side of the house that ironkite helped me with last winter. That soils is so rich, that it quickly becomes overgrown with weeds faster than any part of the yard. It also... stinks a bit... (or used to) like fresh manure. There may be a sewer line leak or maybe some animals have been using it to poo in back when it was completely overgrown with brush (it did not smell like poo gas today, and it's not near a sewer line, so I am betting on the latter). It's also in a real sunny spot, too. I have been laying down a lot of grass clippings to keep the weeds at bay, making the soil rather soft and loamy. I plan on putting a few tomato plants there as well, as I always have way more seedlings than I need. See what happens, you know?

I busted my hoe today, which is I think a 2-star crime on Garden Theft Auto IV.

Getting my mower to roar to life was harder than it's ever been since I got the new one a few years ago. I think it needs a tuneup and sharpening, but the place that used to do it got blown up and they put a Rigg's Bank on that corner. I'll have to find a reputable mower place in the Yellow Pages. Anyone got a good lead on one in Fairfax?
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