punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

General Good News

I just have to say, that's it's been a little over a week and a half where nothing majorly bad has happened to me or my friends. It's been calm, I have been able to relax more, catch up with myself, and actually get some work done. In addition to the yard work I mentioned in the earlier post, I got some badly-needed housework done, including a lot of "low priority" annoyances. Like:

- Worked on OpenBSD (already posted in detail)
- Yard work - partially done. I still have to clean up some of the darker areas of the back yard, and work on the front yard. But a lot of leaves, garbage, banches, and twigs were removed.
- Garden tilled. Waiting to plant tomatoes.
- Bills. Caught up. Still no credit card debt, so all we owe is a house payment.
- Got Widget fixed. He's healthy (his "problem" is now cured), got a shaved belly, and a little tattoo.
- Replaced light bulbs. This includes repairing two fixtures in the guest room.
- Got Internet and servers up in the guest room. LAN cable provides Internet access for guests now.
- Some more den cleaning. It's still a mess, but now things are being put away in boxes, and neatly stacked in cloest. Vacuuming has started.
- Might get back on "Franklin-Quest Planner/Palm Pilot" plan. Life will start to get organized again.

Yeah, I know. I feel the same way: "Saying things are calm temps the Fates and invites chaos," but you know, I have to stop living that way because it got to the point where when things were okay, all I did was worry about the future, and it never helped. Even if shortly after this post, something terrible happens to me or one of my friends, I will do my best to remember how thankful I was during this short calming period. As they said in Alateen: Sometimes you have to just live one day at a time.

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