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My latest brain droppings

  • 08:50 has realized pugs look permanently worried. #
  • 08:53 Ahfu doesn't know really what to do with a smushed-faced dog about his size, but with longer legs. Pugs are like a taller, balder Peke. #
  • 09:15 Pug Mulligan is running around, barking his fool head off. He likes playing with Ahfu, and Ahfu is having a fun time so far. #
  • 10:32 Mulligan apparently is a big chewer. Already lost a pen, 2 Popsicle sticks, a pair of socks, 2 fast food boxes, and part of a dead branch. #
  • 13:59 would like to deeply thank Sean for bringing me to Montgomery College and lending me his Sprint Broadband card so I could still work. #
  • 14:19 The one time I could save the day by having an RJ45 cable, I don't have one with me. See? This is why backpack gets cluttered. #
  • 14:22 This is the first time in a very long time I have been on a wooden sports floor where girls weren't rolling around on skates. #
  • 14:23 The one time I could save the day by having a mobile WAP router-in-a-box, I--- no wait, my backpack is cluttered enough. #
  • 14:44 brought a magic wand #
  • 14:52 Board meeting - twitpic.com/3jf5w #
  • 15:41 @dc_rollergirls can't make it, on call from work, but a shout out to my long time friend TripleDLicious! #
  • 16:28 @ChrisImpink I'd think of a witty retort, but I am out of Mountain Dew. #
  • 16:29 wants balloons. #
  • 16:31 Bibbity boppity boo. #
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