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Lack of LJ entries

You know, I have been trying to analyze what's been keeping my entries back. I have to be honest, I haven't had that much to say recently that I couldn't summarize in 140 characters or less. But today I realized it's not just Twitter that has reduced my thoughts to little humorous bits, but a kind of gratefulness at my life.

I have finally come to a point where I feel better about things in general. This may be due to the change in diet, or Reiki, or a certain crisis I got over. I am not sure how long this will last. Maybe in a week, I'll rant about some horrible calamity to rally my troops of sympathetic friends. But for now, things are okay.

In many ways, I am grateful. Recently, I got into an issue at work with my on-call status. We used to have three admins, but now we only have two. Instead of the "four weeks off, 2 weeks on" schedule it used to be, it's two weeks alternating on and off. This kind of sucks. But why does it suck? Because I have an extremely interesting social life. I have so many friends, events, parties, conventions, and home life things to see and do. And not a lot of people can claim that. I am very grateful I have to plan my life with these events. Things I have always going on:

Home. I have heirloom tomatoes to grow, and I am trying to start a small garden. I am working on making my landscaping look better this year. I have my SETI array. I have a bathroom to model from the ground up. My family is going to be doing dog sitting this year, and possibly foster kittens again. Plus I have a wife and son whom I adore.

I volunteer for conventions. This year, it's Katsucon, Balticon, and Anime Mid Atlantic (AMA). I am a guest at Balticon, and I am Emcee for the Cosplay at AMA, replacing (for now) Rob Lantz. Rob's a pretty cool guy, and got big shoes to fill.

I volunteer for DC Rollergirls. This is fairly new, but I like the girls and the cause. Plus, my friend "Triple-D-LIcious," is skating, and that's completely cool.

I am studying Reiki. I am done for the time being, having passed Reiki II. I may take Reiki III and Reiki Master late this year, but I have to sort of "be out in the wild" and live Reiki until I am ready. This is because Reiki is more of a lifestyle than a program of healing (healing is just one of its benefits). After I & II, I am supposed to practice it in the real world, and after at least half a year, I should be ready for III. Or not. It's up to me.

I have a huge wide net of really kick assed friends. One family who has a bunch of kids who I love like they were my own. Among my friends, I have tech nerds, artists, scientists, builders, cooks, religious leaders, writers, parents, inventors, cartoonists, singers, publishers, musicians, dancers, partygoers, gamers, and people with the most interesting jobs and hobbies. I know a guy who roasts his own coffee beans. I know a Canadian violinist in the UK. I know several non Japanese people who speak fluent Japanese. I just met someone who grew up in Hawaii and raises puppies. I occasionally chat with the daughter of a former US Vice President who I went to school with. I know so many professional photographers, I could get half a dozen portraits in a wide variety of artistic angles. I know someone who does the perfect imitation of "Dee Dee" from Dexter's Lab. There's a girl who teaches medieval dance, and another who beats up other girls on rollerskates. I even know a voodoo priestess who does ultimate fighting. There are make up artists, costumers, and even bee keepers. I know people at NPR and NASA, and one who writes for the show, "Alias" and "Fringe." Want a Latin translation? I know three people who can provide that. Want to hear how the DEA got started? I know one of the founding members. How about horses? At least four of my friends could provide me with any equestrian knowledge I'd ever want. Two of my friends are struggling to make it in Hollywood. I know several EMTs and two female firefighters. I know sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebies, dickheads - I adore all of them. They are righteous dudes. I have such a wide array of talent I could call on, each with their own life story, I have sometimes been accused of making them up. But they're all real.

So yeah, being on call sucks, but only because I have other things to do. And I am humbled, grateful, and thankful I have that. You all rock. :)
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