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  • 01:46 Insomnia sucks ass. My allergies are in overdrive. Asthma, sneezing, itching skin. Can't sleep on command. I envy the unconscious. #
  • 10:55 @alyankovic You sing, too? Wow! #
  • 10:56 Anyone of my herbal/homeopathic friends have any info on natrum muriatcum? I have a coworker offered it, but I don't want a bad reaction. #
  • 10:57 The local network guru is dissin' on puTTY. He be trippin', puTTY is dope, yo. #
  • 12:36 The nice thing about working in an air-filtered data center is no pollen for me to sneeze about. #
  • 12:37 @apeyanne Nah, he offered it to relieve allergies. #
  • 17:10 Someone at the Silver Spring station had an old neon green Castlecon tee shirt. I got a liitle sad. #
  • 17:13 Red Line delays, no reason given yet. I stopped my Metro email alerts because they only report 40% of the outages, and never explain them. #
  • 20:00 Orange Line delayed too. Did shopping. Came home to 4 letters from 4 angry people I am not discussing at this time. [soap opera organ] #
  • 21:49 Where am I going to get viking medieval garb? ... Out here in space?... At this hour? #
  • 21:54 is burninating CDs #
  • 21:57 Jus' hang loose, blood. She gonna catch ya up on da' rebound on da' med side. #
  • 21:59 @damonism Golly! #
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