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  • 07:23 My dungeon is full of yogurt. #
  • 07:25 Boosy boosy bop... city bop... #
  • 09:26 Learned new diplomatic term for "user-unfriendly" or "bad system design." You say, "developers have their own focus." #
  • 09:32 I heard from a reliable Japanese insider source that many Japanese are so scared of the swine flu, they stopped eating Mexican food. Oy. #
  • 10:33 Have a safe and happy Valborgsmässoafton, my Swedish family and friends... #
  • 16:53 Mind-blowing Ferris Bueller “Fight Club” theory: Ferris Bueller is just a figment of Cameron’s imagination: tinyurl.com/djqu2d #
  • 17:11 I remember when all Anime was to me was Japanese cartoons. I would have never connected it with the student game of Diplomacy. [sigh] #
  • 17:45 More teen tour groups on the rail. This must have been Spring Break week for Podunk, USA. #
  • 17:52 Ma'am, if your modesty concerns have your 4 year old wear a training bra, you should probably tell her not to pull her dress over her head. #
  • 17:55 The waiter who was sitting next to me smelled like lobster bisque. Now all I can smell is lobster bisque. #
  • 22:04 Yay! New episodes of Pysselskogen! Now I can try and translate kid's crafts in svenska... svtplay.se/t/102717/pysselskogen #
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