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Punkie Needs to Heed Warnings from Friends

My life is full of examples where I should have taken heed of what my friends said about someone. You know, "So-and-so is crazy, stay away from them." I usually give people too many chances. Because of this, today, I found out I am a few bucks short on a business deal gone sour with a friend I was warned about. This isn't a major blow, financially, but this is a painful sting.

Let's call this friend Karen.

I can't go into detail because it's one of those gray areas where I am dealing with someone a bit unstable who might take umbrage on me personally and on my friends. Since I won't mention the real property involved, let's say I rented something with Karen's former roommate, with the agreement that she would pay me back. Now, technically, I did use this item, and had for many years. So did the former roommate, and every year, we rented it together. Every year, I was paid back. But now Karen has taken over this property and not only won't pay up her end of the bargain like we agreed for the last few months, and quite frankly, was rude and accusing of my intent. I would have rented the item (for myself) anyway, but I got a letter stating that "I don't recall ever agreeing to anything, and to be frank, this is unwarranted and it would be irresponsible of me to pay it." Karen could have said many things. "I cannot afford it," would be one of them. I suspect this is the real reason because Karen's business did not make much money this year. She could have just declined before I paid for it, because I would have found another renter.

I probably wouldn't have even posted about this, but for the fact that I am slightly pissed about being accused of possible fraud. Of course, it's not a WHOLE lot of money, and really, I still have the item, and so haven't totally lost anything. Should have I gotten it in writing? Probably. But I was a trusting person. I think I am more hurt about the sudden backlash she gave me, like I am trying to defraud her or something.

I had been warned about this friend for about 2 years. This friend was "irresponsible," and "controlling." This friend has already driven many people away, but I never had anything to say about this person until just now, because what this person did was never to me. But I should have seen this coming. Luckily, I only lost a few bucks on a deal. I am not going to fight it, because it will only make things worse.

Still... .. bitch.

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