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  • 08:44 Asthma came back this morning, did Reiki, it went away but now I am too relaxed to do anything. #
  • 09:34 Last night, I saw a very masculine friend dress up as a woman, and his SO as a man for a drag party. Dared them to go to Denny's like that. #
  • 09:38 Dear Flickr: Calling something 'Roid Week does not pop the word "Polaroid" into people's heads first. It's barely #3 on my list. #
  • 09:47 Yeah, I know it's 2009, but I still like programming perl in vi(m). No, I don't know what's wrong with me. #
  • 15:14 met two potential dog sitting clients: Abby and Zoey. Nice dogs, nice owners. #
  • 19:12 Doing a lot of laundry. Oh, and also BUILDING EVIL ROBOTS! [lighting flash] AH HA HA HAA!! twitpic.com/4fvhm #
  • 19:14 @allura1993 It works great for stress, and neck pain will lessen at least a little, if not vanish. I can drop you my teacher's info? #
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