punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Whiny girl robot

When I worked for AOL, I used to visit the area where they had a tech support chat room. It ran off a Power PC (Mac), and it had the voice synthesizer options on in the chat room so that when someone asked a question, the person babysitting it would know someone was in there. Usually they would then assign them a different voice, and the Mac System 7.5.3 software at the time had 16 voices to choose from.

If the person in the chat room was really annoying, we assigned them the voice labeled "Little Girl." This way, when they were ranting and raving, it gave a humorous spin on the comments, because whomever it was sounded like a whiny little computer girl robot. No matter how ANGRY and INSULTING the person was in chat, it would come off as really pathetic.

I have often wondered if I could do this in real life during meetings, and I bet I could market this product effectively.
Tags: aol, computers, mac, tech support

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