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  • 08:51 @katsucon Hey, any word on the results of the photo/video contest? I need the cash, man, I am sick of eating tuna and macaroni. #
  • 08:52 RT @taraariano "It's @Glark's birthday! I hope someone he hates dies today." Happy Birthday, Glark! #
  • 12:04 As I speak, my precious lady is on her way to Japan. Man, I am one sad and lonely puppy. Thankfully, I have friends, but still... #
  • 12:31 has a lot of downtime at work today; studying for CCNA. #
  • 14:28 RT @ThisIsTrue: My favorite idea from this article is the "Condom Cannon." ow.ly/5ruN #
  • 14:31 NSFW, but teh fun-nay! Lazy town REMIX feat. Lil' Jon bit.ly/Hlem2
    [strong language] #
  • 19:43 I just had an ahi sandwich that was quite yummy #
  • 19:44 One wouldn't think we'd discuss makeup at a sports bar, and yet here I am #
  • 20:20 Who's got two thumbs and is the world's worst billiard player? This guy!! #
  • 20:59 Ayna has cut herself. Damn emo... #
  • 21:05 I hate crowded places, I can never hear anyone #
  • 23:26 I am sleepy, but missing my baby in Japan... #
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