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I am crabby

I guess because I miss takayla so much. But the 5-6 days straight of rain and gray skies hasn't helped anyone's around here. I would normally be so glad because it completely washes away the pollen but what a time to forget my SAD light at home. Also, my asthma hasn't really gotten any better. I am staying with Anya and Brian while takayla is in Japan, which normally would be fun, but I am just out of Happy, it seems.

Last night we went to "The Bungalow," which is a seafood sports bar with billiards. We met up with their friends Terri and her husband Lee. Lee's pretty quiet, but eventually opens up with a smile or two. Terri is very social, talkative, and is easily the center of any party. She's Japanese by Hawaii, but completely Americanized. She reminds me a lot of my Korean sci-fi friends, actually. Sadly, I wasn't on my game at all. All I kept thinking about was takayla. I am a sap, I know, but we don't spend a lot of time apart. I think we have only been apart for more than a week... 3-4 times in total.

But back to crabby. I am just amazed every time someone is overtly rude. I couldn't really tell you why subtle rude is better, but maybe there's that "miscommunication fudge factor" I can always place a vague blame on. "Maybe they were not rude, maybe I am crabby, or I misheard them..." or something. But this woman in the elevator just stunned me.

I needed to get a copy of Orson Scott Card's book, "Ender's Game," as part of a project I am working on (don't ask, but most of you would approve). So I got this coupon in my e-mail for 30% off from Borders for one day only, so I went. That was more hassle than I would have expected. First, the elevators were slow. I work on the 6th floor, and normally when an elevator shows up, it's pretty fast and I am the only one on it. Well, I waited for nearly 2 minutes before one showed up. And it stopped at several floors. When I got out of the lobby, it was pouring rain. For some reason, I rarely get rained on in life, so I am never prepared because it's so infrequent. So I went back up stairs to get my jacket with a hood. Then I waited again for an elevator.

This time, when I stepped on, the doors nearly closed on me and the reason was the woman in the elevator was mashing the "close door" button rapidly like she was playing "whack-a-mole." She was one of those middle-aged government workers I always go on about. She was wearing a polyester pastel green business suit and red heels. Her white hair was tied in a bun, and her reading glasses hung from a pearl necklace around her neck. She was carrying what looked like several folders and a red soft attache.

She gasped in frustration when I stepped on, crossed her arms, and sighed as if to say, "Fine! Get on..." Then the doors didn't close fast enough, and so she started mashing the buttons, alternating between "close door" and the lobby button like she was going to get free valuable prizes.

I barely had time to face the camera (you know, the movie of my life I always think is being filmed) and raise an eyebrow when she said, "I am IN A HURRY!" to me, as if I alone held the keys to her freedom. Then we stopped at the second floor, and two nusrses for one of the MRU centers we have here were in the middle of a conversation. Only one of them one of them needed the elevator, and was wrapping up her conversation, which seemed to be what files needed to be pulled for some procedure, and who to contact for further instructions.

"I am IN A HURRY!" said the woman, and shocked the two nurses into silence. She mashed the "close door" button and as the doors closed, one of the girls made a face.

The second all three of us were alone, the older woman said, "Maybe YOU don't have a life, but some of us WORK for a living and DON'T WASTE WORKING OURS IN IDLE CHATTER WITH OUR GIRLFRIENDS."

"Well you are not my BOSS!" said the nurse, ready to fight before the bell.

"Good for you," said the woman, "because if I was, you'd be FIRED."

Then the doors opened at the lobby, and the woman pushed her way past us to storm out of the building.

The metro has had a lot of grumpy people, too. Mostly damp commuters who don't want to be near people.

Oh wait... the sun just came out...
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